May 31st, 2017

Lucara Diamonds needed a way to enhance their investor relationship strategy.   Although Lucara had a very streamlined PR and investor relation profile it relied heavily on traditional media solutions that were becoming increasingly diluted in an otherwise extremely competitive marketplace.  The jewel in the Lucara crown is the Karowe mine located in central Botswana.  It’s remote location in the Kalahari desert makes for complex logistical and travel arrangements that often prevent being able to bring clients and investors to the mine site.   

Our solution in co-operation with Moon Patrol VR was to create a first of its type mobile based virtual reality solution that allowed the user to not only partake in an exclusive all access virtual of the entire mine operation but also interact, learn and discover valuable information about the operation of the mine.  The platform also allows us to showcase in VR Lucara’s corporate outlook and also their significant social and community contribution to the local economy.  

Lucara wanted to be able to launch their 360 VR experience at the PDAC mining convention in Toronto.  One of the world’s largest trade shows for the mining industry.  Once again our solution was able to utilize low cost VR headsets as product giveaways.  The user or potential investor simply placed their own mobile phone inside the headset viewer, activated a special website through any browser and was instantly able to enjoy their unique VR experience.   The experience itself transports the viewer directly to the mine in Central Botswana and showcases a unique behind the scenes perspective.  The aerial photography and video is a popular viewpoint that allows the viewer to literally fly over the mine, choosing at anytime by simply looking at buildings and equipment to learn and discover more information relevant to those items.  The user has the option to make their own voyage through the mine or can enjoy a narrated highlighted version in addition to being able to toggle between map, viewpoint and general information screens including corporate, social and news information related to the performance of the company.  

One of the biggest propositions for the project was the legacy value add.  Rather than create a one off marketing gimmick Lucara was serious about creating a platform that the user can interact with to learn about all facets of their company.  As an established leader in the mining industry Lucara already had many existing corporate videos, interviews and imagery that were very relevant to their brand and public relations.  We were able to include these 2D elements into the 360 viewing experience which comforted our client by knowing that they didn’t have to re-create valuable collateral especially for the 360 environment.  In fact, the easiest way to think about the Lucara360 VR experience is being like a 360 degree website. 

Overall Lucara was extremely impressed with our mobile virtual tour solutions and the ease with which the user’s own cell phone can be mounted to an inexpensive VR headset. At the PDAC conference they enjoyed enviable status with long line ups from with investors waiting to  users to receive their free VR headset.  Our low cost of production gives the VR headsets a comparable price point with traditional media such as pens, usb sticks and brochures that are typically given away at trade shows.  In addition the memorable nature of the experience provided a very satisfactory experience and excelled at distinguishing Lucara Diamonds in the market place.