January 17th, 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the world’s largest technology trade show in the world. Showcasing the planet’s leading technology with the elite of the industry. 2017's show was no exception. The CES celebrated its 50th year this year, and it was lit up with the latest tech trends and bursting with the future of electronics. All the industry all stars were in attendance and ready to play at the superbowl of technology. From Google, to Sony and BMW to Bose. Every square inch of the convention was filled with tech culture’s finest.

From smart phones, robots, VR headsets, audio, video and anything you could ever imagine with a screen on it, CES can be hard to keep track of. The event is such a massive spectacle that it can be easy to get buried in all of the releases, demos, showcases, announcements and surprises. We’ve taken the time to focus on what are the most influential VR related events that happened over the course of CES. In terms of VR here are the top announcements at CES 2017

  • Taclim VR Boots from Cerevo Whether walking on a hardwood floor or mountain terrain the sensors around your feet will know and transmit the appropriate physical sensation. Still in its early stages the boots are a prototype, the boots are speculated to be on the market by fall 2017.


  • The HTC Vive Tracker A nifty little addition to the VR family. The device, similar to a hockey puck allows you to attach it to different things to convert them into elements you can grab to play VR games or use to interact in many ways in other VR applications.


  • Intel’s Merged Reality Demo/ Project Alloy Intel had already announced back in August, word of their controller-less headset christened Project Alloy a self contained Virtual Reality Headset. At CES intel blew attendees away with a demo but not with Alloy instead using the Oculus Rift, retrofitted with Intel’s RealSense Camera. Intel presented an untethered wireless headset, freedom of movement, integrated tracking and natural manipulation. What this means is an avatar and controller free hand tracking experience overall vital to what Intel called the “pillars of Merged Reality.”  The presentation concluded with Intel announcing that Alloy will be the first headset to incorporate this type of technology natively and begin ushering in the age of Merged Reality.

*All images used were taken from the official CES website.*