March 8th, 2017

One thing that’s amazing about virtual reality is the way in which it has an ability to impact all industries. LNG Studios has long since been in the business of producing virtual tours and immersive scenes for future projects and buildings. We use complicated 3D modelling and renderings to produce virtual environments that sell projects which may not be constructed for several years.

With the rise in popularity of Consumer VR comes new opportunities to engage these technologies for a new type of savvy consumer.  Mobile Virtual Reality is a fantastic marketing tool because it allows the user to engage with a virtual world using hardware thats already in their pocket: Smart Phones. No other system is able to so deeply and directly immerse the viewer and engage their attention.  

Keeping abreast of 360 degree photography and video has always been a mandate for LNG Studios. The technology to capture our existing world in immersive 360 degree as pictures is something that LNG Studios has been working on for a long time. We first started shooting 360 photos back in 2007 using a Panosaurus tripod and a Digital SLR camera with a fisheye lens. Slowly but surely we have grown to become experts on this technology.

Recently our team travelled to Africa to produce a “Google-Earth” style virtual tour for a Diamond Mine. Our client was impressed with our mobile virtual tour solutions and the ease with which the user’s own cellphone can be mounted to an inexpensive VR headset to provide a unique and extremely compelling virtual tour. In addition these solutions literally speak directly to the user. As a marketing tool, our client understood the leverage afforded by VR to distinguish their company within the highly competitive mining industry and also to elevate their brand and promote their company to international investors and clients.  Our technology allows inexpensive VR headsets to be given away at trade shows and seminars - which when paired with the users own mobile phone allows them to virtually tour through the diamond mine over the internet. The beauty of the system relies on two key factors; namely the users own mobile phone as the hardware solution and secondly the creation of the content on dynamic web pages. No downloads or software are required to be installed so we avoid the issues with producing native apps for iOS or Android and ensure multiple cross platform compatibility. All the user needs is an inexpensive VR headset to view the content.

At a trade show or sales environment, it’s the natural evolution of the branded pen and USB stick as a giveaway. VR allows our client to place sales materials into the hands of consumers and investors for free. These same customers can then re-live the magic whenever, wherever they please in their own time. In addition, the inexpensive nature of our VR solutions provides a better ROI than traditional giveaways requiring brochures, pens, cups etc. which can be costly to produce with little to no ROI.

Traveling to Africa was an amazing experience and our team looks forward to working with this client in the future to expand on their VR offerings operations and educate their investors about their global operations and mines in other countries.