June 3rd, 2021

The Future of Real Estate: The Technology That Will Change Everything

VANCOUVER - June 3, 2021

LNG Studios releases a conceptual video transporting viewers to the not-so-distant future of home buying using AR and VR technology.

As innovators and creators in the visualization and proptech space, LNG Studios recognizes the significance of Augmented Reality (AR) as industries evolve in the 21st century. Real Estate, a predominately traditional industry relying on brick-and-mortar sales centers, in-person home tours, and face-to-face sales strategies, has understandably faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a service provider for this industry, LNG Studios experienced an influx in demand for virtual and virtually supported services over the last year due to the industry’s rapid digital transformation. Inspired by this fast-paced trajectory towards an extended reality, LNG Studios created a conceptual video to communicate as well as inspire others about the not-so-distant possibilities with AR technology within the real estate industry.

AR has already become a familiar feature in apps like Pokémon Go, online shopping with virtual “try-on experiences” from makeup and vision wear to furniture and kitchen designs   LNG Studio’s conceptual video focuses on the home buying experience from a first person’s point of view and aims to inspire the possibility of a more streamlined and self-led approach to home buying. It also showcases how typical day-to-day experiences such as wayfinding and deciding what to wear may elevate with the incorporation of AR technology.

The objective of the video is ultimately to create a dialog amongst the proptech industry to continue to push for innovation and advancement when bright and curious minds come together.

Watch the video

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LNG Studios is a creative visualization agency located in Vancouver, Toronto, and San Francisco. 


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