April 21st, 2017

VR is rapidly transforming the way in which we communicate.  While it’s easy to assume that VR is a niche technology applying only to designers and gamers, it’s important to remember the secret to its success lies in the way in which it works as a communication device.  This fantastic new form of communication makes VR a powerful medium across multiple industries and economies.  “Experiential marketing” is a term readily thrown around by anyone wanting to put a leg into the VR game.  As an experience platform, VR is king.  No other medium can rapidly transport a user into a visceral new world.  VR open doors and peels back the covers, it places us directly into spaces, emotions and ideas like never before.  With this comes a lot of hype that’s fueled by the public experience and reaction to this technology. Savvy brands and advertisers right now have a unique opportunity in this Golden Era to occupy this space and utilize VR as a platform to elevate their brands and marketing efforts. For this reason in this blog post we’re looking at the top 5 benefits for brands looking to use VR as an advertising and marketing medium.

1) It's Impactful

We’ve conducted public VR demonstrations and walked literally thousands of people through our VR experiences.  Last year our company gave away almost 15,000 inexpensive mobile VR headsets.  95% of these people have heard of the technology but never tried it before. The experience generally blows their minds; they are able to literally walk through new constructions, fly over diamond mines or walk with elephants. VR makes a huge impact because the wow factor is extremely high.   
2) It's Memorable. 

You will never forget your first experience and for most of the general public this is your opportunity to associate your brand with that experience.   
3) It's Unique. 

Most people have never seen this kind of technology before.  You can see the lightbulb going off the moment that they understand how the technology works and how it can transform the ways in which we communicate.
4) It Elevates Brands 

VR gives us an opportunity as advertisers to associate any brand with technology.  VR is by nature a technological exercise but VR also provides access to worlds that might otherwise be inaccessible, including brands that may not celebrate technology i.e. from the inner workings of a diamond mine in Botswana or a multi million dollar penthouse in Vancouver to a patients journey through oncology in New York.
5) It Communicates 

No other medium will hold the user’s attention like VR.  Do I have your complete, undivided attention?  Are you seeing what I want you to see?  VR does all these things as a completely intimate and personal viewing experience.  You can not look away.  As content creators we are constantly learning new techniques to guide the user through the viewing experience by providing visual cues and sound effects that direct and guide the eye.

As viewing experiences we’re just starting to scratch the surface.  Already we’re seeing Virtual Reality Film Festivals that are celebrating the ways in which filmmakers and content producers can produce media specially designed to take advantage of the VR viewing experience. These new experiences are transforming media audiences from passive to consumers to fully engaged interactive users. We believe VR will continue to seamless integrate itself into our daily lives. As consumers we’re already accustomed to the ways in which technology has integrated itself into our daily lives.  VR is just simply an extension of this.