December 16th, 2016

The VR/AR Association Vancouver Chapter held its official launch party Monday December 5th. The association gathered with an incredibly diverse guest list of tech extraordinaires, aficionados and supporters. The night was hosted and organized by the Vancouver Chapter President Dan Burgar, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Archiact. His mission has been to continually advancing immersive technology as a productive tool that can change the world. The VR/AR Association is an international community and a platform for industry members to collaborate, share and connect. Members range from all walks of tech life whether creators, distributors, CEO’s or purely VR/AR enthusiast. The community of forward thinking individuals makes for a fascinating amalgamation of personalities and talent.

The association’s mission is to join the global industry association for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, connecting leading solution providers with brands & customers. The launch party was a great start to the chapter. “There was such a great turnout, a lot of industry leaders giving insight to the future of VR” noted Leon Ng, Founding Board Member of the AR/VR Association Vancouver Chapter and Founder and CEO of LNG Studios. “This is the first chapter of the association in Canada which only confirms that Vancouver is becoming a hub for VR.”

LNG Studios Principal Creative Director Matt Grant participated in a dynamic chat on what LNG’s contribution to the evolution of VR. Along with Dora Cheng (UForisVR) Eric Hine (ArchiactVR) and Aaron Hilton (Steampunk). “It was a unified front of VR in Vancouver. Exchanging ideas with cool people with big ideas” said Grant when asked about the event. “It’s called an association but in all honesty feels like a community, a community of impressive knowledge and talent.” Following the fireside style chat, the showcasing and demos began. Everyone had the chance to see the different paths that VR was travelling. From animal medicine to featuring our very own architecture/real estate powerhouse technology it was an interesting showcase of VR in Vancouver.

Check out the VR/AR Vancouver Chapter’s website here. We’re excited to be apart of this new venture and community here in our own city as well as all future ventures with the association.