We’re calling on the 3D printing community and other business communities in Vancouver and Toronto to join the fight.

Protecting our front line
medical workers

Hospitals and health clinics across the lower mainland have put out a call for help. There is a massive shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supplies in facilities to adequately protect front line medical workers. With traditional supply chains facing limitations, the 3D printing community needs to come together.

"We are very low on equipment, everyone at Vancouver General Hospital has to wear a mask and face shield. These face shields are needed more than ever because they can be reused." - Leonel Leyson, RN at Vancouver General Hospital for the CSICU

How we're helping

We’re using our 3D printers to print these face shields for our health care workers. We’ve partnered with five local hospitals who have already tested our prototypes and are in need and waiting for these supplies. Using open source design available from Prusa, we have the capacity to print up to 60 per day. But this isn’t nearly enough.

We need to increase production to get these face shields in the hands of thousands of doctors and healthcare workers. We’re calling on the 3D printing community in Vancouver as well as other businesses to help fund this project. Together, our coalition will help save more lives and make a bigger impact.

Leyson wearing LNG printed mask
What we are making

The face shields we’re printing consist of a reusable visor with extra face shields. This means the use of a single visor can be extended by simply replacing the face shields. The prototype face shield design is officially known as the PRUSA Protective Face Shield and has received two verifications in the Czech Republic for its effectiveness and usability.

Prior to downloading any of the assets for this project, please make sure to read and accept the following terms: COVID-19 FACE SHIELD TERMS

Each face shield includes
three key parts

1. PLA 3D printed parts using Prusa open source files
2. PETG 0.5mm clear sheets
3. Elastic band for the headset to accommodate size adjustability

We are also partnering with local plastic suppliers that will supply and laser cut the acrylic sheets to spec, as we plan to offer additional replacement sheets for each face shield.

Pursa Face Shield 3D printed

Partners & Sponsors helping make this happen

Companies that are helping
make this happen

LNG Studios, with the support and partnership of Gryphon Developments, has now dedicated all five of their 3D printing machines to produce these face shields which will be distributed to Richmond Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, St. Pauls Hospital, Lions Gate Hospital and Surrey Memorial.

"This is a time where coming together with innovative ideas matters most. In this case, time is of the essence and we are arming our local frontline health workers with face shields that will protect them in the line of duty. We’re calling on all 3D printers, innovators and creators to join us in this effort and help close the gap on the need for PPE across BC" - Leon Ng, LNG Studios

"Gryphon has always believed that dreams are born from collaboration. We encourage all industries to come together, and find creative solutions to protect frontline workers who are tirelessly working to protect us. We are all part of a greater community and together we will overcome this pandemic" - Jason Hsu, Gryphon Developments

We need your support!
How to get involved

If you own a 3D Printer, plastic supplier or cutter, we need your help with manufacturing. We can share the design file and printing instructions to get you started if you have a 3D printer. If you have a laser cutter and are able to cut 0.5mm LEXAN and PETG clear sheets, please help us in cutting extra replacement sheets for each face shield. Once the final face shields are made, we’ll help connect you with the network of hospitals who are in need of these face shields. Get in touch with us at covidhelp@lngstudios.com.

If you’re a company based in B.C. or Ontario, we also need your help with funding. Help us pay for the materials of our next batch of face shields.

If you are an individual who is interested in joining the fight and can contribute. We've set up a GoFundMe page: Visit GoFundMe page

LNG Studios and Gryphon Developments
Need masks for your team or want
to get involved? Contact us!