3D Printing

September 14th, 2016

3D printing is a powerful addition to architectural design.  For us, its a great way to experiment with physical models and allows us unique opportunities to relate objects in terms of space and scale. 
A recent addition to the ReACT Lab is an AirWolf3D printer from Axiom.  We are able to quickly experiment with scale and print out buildings, massing and floorplans.  The application for shrinking scale requires critical study, but it also afforded us new opportunities to create parts for our drone, custom mounts for our 360 cameras, as well as our own 3D headsets and VR googles. 


The 3D printer is an amazing utility for the ReACT lab that takes interaction and problem solving to a new, exciting and dynamic level. 

While we use our 3D printer mainly for research and development purposes, we do occasionally use it to inject some fun projects into the office too.