July 12th, 2016

At Brilliant! 2015, the fundraising event hosted annually by the St. Paul’s Foundation in Vancouver, ReACT Lab was thrilled to provide film and production services at no cost to the charity.

During the event, more than 1,000 people shared their love and support for those struggling with mental health and addiction issues, and were treated to a fashion and dance production featuring Vancouver’s most fashion-forward models, hair stylists, designers, and dancers.

Both before and after the big event, the ReACT Lab team caught up with and interviewed the amazing organizers, volunteers, stylists, and talented dancers who made the whole thing possible.  Later, our footage was edited into eight short video vignettes; each offering a different perspective of the night’s highlights.

Throughout the night, guests also enjoyed a live auction, music, and a night of lively dancing— all of which the ReACT Lab team caught on film.



Before the big event we caught up with some of the amazing organizers, volunteers, stylists and talented dancers who make this whole event possible.