October 20th, 2017

Virtual reality and business share one key characteristic; creating a memorable experience. That’s why companies like BMW and North Face are utilizing the technology to bring consumers unexplored and dynamic realities. Recently, Ikea launched a virtual reality kitchen experience. In this simulation, consumers enter a virtual IKEA kitchen and optimize/change the surroundings to best suit their tastes. Since the simulations release, virtual reality technology has progressed significantly. This progress has naturally given way for the ability to improve and elevate the experience.

LNG Studios is constantly looking to help companies that are embracing the virtual reality space and looking to bring their customers new experiences. In conjunction with Ziva Dynamics, we are assisting in integrating real-time characters into the IKEA virtual reality experience.

Real-time characters are dynamic and realistic. They react to changes within the environment and their fluid and natural interactions mirror those of a real employee. By integrating a virtual IKEA employee into the simulation we bring these interactions one step closer to mirroring those of the real world and provide an optimal and realistic experience.