October 20th, 2017

As technology progresses we are seeing more integrations of virtual reality into almost every facet of our daily lives. We’ve proven that Virtual Reality has the power to transform how we interact with the world as designers, architects, storytellers and entertainers. That’s why we believe that investing in the technology is an integral part of our growth. Virtual reality gaming is one industry that is seeing immense growth and one that we have been monitoring closely. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Mythical City Games to release an architectural virtual reality game Skytropolis. Check out their steam page for the latest updates.

In Skytropolis, you become an architect and developer. Utilizing virtual reality, you immerse yourself into the creation of a mega-tower at the center of a city. To add another layer, we’ll be integrating sustainability into the game as a great way for builders to be conscientious about the development of their mega-tower.

Skytropolis is the culmination of our love for architecture, real estate, and virtual reality. We’ve worked closely with Mythical City Games to have the game designed for individuals that have a passion for building, learning, sustainability, the environment and most importantly architecture. Skytropolis is set to be released before the end of the year. For more information, check out our website.