3D Scanning

Visualizing a place you’ve never been leaves much to the imagination. From distorted photographs to outdated and static 2D floor plans, the current marketing tools are limiting and lack practical functionality. But a 3D scan and architectural visualization model from LNG Studios brings a space to life, viewable from any web browser. Explore from a first person perspective or fly over a 3D floor plan. It’s virtual reality at its best!

360 & Aerial Panoramas

Drones serve as a powerful tool at the design, construction and completion phases of projects. During the design phase, our fully-customized drone can capture the exact views for prospective high-rise units from any height in any direction. During construction, capturing detailed site plan images and aerial progress videos in mere minutes tracks the project’s headway. At completion, highlighting the various features of your projects and demonstrating how the project fits within its surroundings provides context for prospective buyers.

 We are insured and fully licensed by Transport Canada to operate UAV’s commercially in the Pacific region.

Original Image AFTER
Modified Image BEFORE
Original Image AFTER
Modified Image BEFORE
Original Image AFTER
Modified Image BEFORE

Since inception, we have provided content and broadcast management services for a range of different networks, involving millions of viewers. We enjoy sharing our expertise through strategic partnerships.



Our video production services create commercials and corporate videos that seamlessly meld branding and creative vision together. Through a thorough consultation process, we ensure that strategic objectives are executed flawlessly for clients — imparting exactly the desired messages for target demographics. We have a proven track record of working with prestigious companies — ensuring our mutual success.

LNG Branding + Design

The Design team at LNG offers services for corporate identity, web design and development, print design, and art direction. We are a team of driven designers, aiming to provide innovative, effective and exceptional design solutions. We cater to the distinct needs and wants of our clients, involving them from start to finish in the creative process. Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

Immersive Experience Design

We create integrative experiences with the use of disruptive technologies that are rapidly changing the marketplace. Our team creates custom-built virtual environments that can be explored with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR. The result is an immersive experience for your customers that bridges the gap between pre-built conception and the post-constructed reality.


Mobile VR

Mobile VR allows any user with the latest smart phone to experience Virtual reality at their finger tips. 

Room-Scale VR

Room -Scale VR allows for a truly immersive 1 to 1 experience.  This unique platform allows the user to take physical steps in the real world which are replicated in the virtual world.

A new era in marketing

Our virtual reality experiences create memorable impressions on users and empower consumers to make their buying decisions with confidence and excitement. Founded on the latest technologies, the immersive nature of virtual reality has propelled the sales landscape beyond imagery, video, and text.  Never before has it been possible for a consumer to truly ‘see’ the products they are evaluating - not until now.

LNG Studios are a proud member of the VR/AR Association. Check out their website to learn more www.thevrara.com

Immersive VR Apps & HTML5

To support our clients with being on the leading edge of their industries, we design and develop iOS and Android apps using HTML5. These apps provide interactive destinations and engaging wayfinding with an intuitive custom design resulting in a rich and modern experience for users.

Interactive 3D Floorplans
Multidea Touch Table and Wall Screen

LNG is the official reseller of the Multidea Touch Table and Wall Touch Screen. With powerful integrated PC’s Multidea screens provide the best interactive solutions for your business. Giving your company the ability to create flawless tours, demos, showcasing and more. Allowing you to interactively tour consumers through your pre-construction models, interiors, exteriors or for presentations that will give your clients a clear idea of what future designs will look like.

Strategically place a Multidea multi-touch screen within offices, presentation centres or wherever you need to be to create compelling state of the art technology presentations. Multidea combines innovative technology and impeccable functionality. An impressive tool to bring your visions to life. A well arranged presentation removes any uncertainty which is crucial for decision making.

Multidea Touch Screens have a sleek design to fit into any space and is easy to use and share with consumers and employees. They're versatility and efficiency is a powerful investment for any business.




Our 3D renderings are used to market projects all over the world.  We create images that are used to create unforgettable visual demonstrations that impact all the senses. Using the latest architectural rendering software we create entirely 3D scenes.  Any type of material and finish can be incorporated to impart the ultimate displays of luxury, quality and photorealistic reproduction.  

Our clients come from all over the world to utilize our wide range of 3D Rendering services including 3D and 2D architectural renderings, animations and floor plans. 

Working with architects and designers we create digital 3D models of spaces. Once we have our spaces built we experiment with camera composition, lighting and materials to create entirely custom and bespoke scenes.  Our digital process allows us to incorporate any type of specific material or fabric and we can adjust lighting to optimally portray a 3D space.   

Architectural Animation

Architectural animation brings real estate to life, allowing buyers to see exactly what they’re getting without having to interpret technical details. It’s as if they are in the homes already – a critical way to build buzz and excitement. In addition to architectural animation LNG Studios also offers 3D renderings, 3D floor plans and architectural visualization services.


3D floor plans and sidecut dollhouse renders are a visual shortcut for people who aren’t used to reading blueprints. They ‘walk’ prospective purchasers through properties, providing a way for them to picture themselves in their dream homes.

Not just part of the sales package, 3D floor plans & dollhouse renders will help you sell your project fast!