Our 3D renderings are used to market projects all over the world.  We create images that are used to create unforgettable visual demonstrations that impact all the senses. Using the latest architectural rendering software we create entirely 3D scenes.  Any type of material and finish can be incorporated to impart the ultimate displays of luxury, quality and photorealistic reproduction.  

Our clients come from all over the world to utilize our wide range of 3D Rendering services including 3D and 2D architectural renderings, animations and floor plans. 

Working with architects and designers we create digital 3D models of spaces. Once we have our spaces built we experiment with camera composition, lighting and materials to create entirely custom and bespoke scenes.  Our digital process allows us to incorporate any type of specific material or fabric and we can adjust lighting to optimally portray a 3D space.   

Architectural Animation

Architectural animation brings real estate to life, allowing buyers to see exactly what they’re getting without having to interpret technical details. It’s as if they are in the homes already – a critical way to build buzz and excitement. In addition to architectural animation LNG Studios also offers 3D renderings, 3D floor plans and architectural visualization services.


3D floor plans and sidecut dollhouse renders are a visual shortcut for people who aren’t used to reading blueprints. They ‘walk’ prospective purchasers through properties, providing a way for them to picture themselves in their dream homes.

Not just part of the sales package, 3D floor plans & dollhouse renders will help you sell your project fast!