Immersive Experience Design

We create integrative experiences with the use of disruptive technologies that are rapidly changing the marketplace. Our team creates custom-built virtual environments that can be explored with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR. The result is an immersive experience for your customers that bridges the gap between pre-built conception and the post-constructed reality.


Mobile VR

Mobile VR allows any user with the latest smart phone to experience Virtual reality at their finger tips. 

Room-Scale VR

Room -Scale VR allows for a truly immersive 1 to 1 experience.  This unique platform allows the user to take physical steps in the real world which are replicated in the virtual world.

A new era in marketing

Our virtual reality experiences create memorable impressions on users and empower consumers to make their buying decisions with confidence and excitement. Founded on the latest technologies, the immersive nature of virtual reality has propelled the sales landscape beyond imagery, video, and text.  Never before has it been possible for a consumer to truly ‘see’ the products they are evaluating - not until now.

LNG Studios are a proud member of the VR/AR Association. Check out their website to learn more