Immersive Experience Design

Our clients can explore the custom-built environments and applications we create, viewed through Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. The immersive experiences we create with these disruptive technologies bridge the gap between conception and reality.


AR and VR Solutions


VR Solutions:
Mobile VR

Any user with a smartphone can view these realities at their fingertips. Let's start with VR: we create our VR experiences as dynamic web-pages, viewable on standard mobile web browsers (Chrome, Safari) with no specific downloads or apps required. Once loaded on a browser, you can view the experience in 360-degrees on your device's screen or, by inserting your smartphone into a mobile VR headset.

Room-Scale VR

Room-Scale VR allows for a truly immersive 1 to 1 experience.  This unique motion tracking platform allows the user to physically  step into a design and walk through a virtual world.  Each step in the real world is replicated in the virtual world allowing for a natural, intuitive and extremely realistic experience.

AR Solutions:
Mobile AR

We create mobile AR applications that form a digital layer on top of the real world, as seen and applied through your camera view. AR apps remove the need to measure spaces in your home before buying furniture, and they can help you find your way through massive indoor and outdoor complexes with a wayfinder. 

This AR "layer" we create uses new and experimental technologies, and the possibilities for this technology are still endless, making mobile AR apps the next explosive trend that we believe will greatly impact our lives. 

Hololens AR

Our AR solutions on Microsoft's Hololens, a self-contained, holographic computer are viewable in real-time by anyone else wearing the same hardware. These solutions, create experiences that go beyond the screen and allow us to overlay complex 3D models and holograms into the real world with which can interact.

A new era in marketing

Our Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences create memorable impressions on users and empower consumers to make their buying decisions with confidence and excitement. Founded on the latest technologies, the immersive nature of VR and AR has propelled the sales landscape beyond imagery, video, and text.  Never before has it been possible for a consumer to truly ‘see’ the products they are evaluating - until now.

LNG Studios are a proud member of the VR/AR Association. Check out their website to learn more.