Imagine being transported into the Kalākaua Dynasty, an era where a magnificent palace was home to the royal family and rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Now if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Iolani Palace, this experience can be hard to imagine. Open to the public as a national museum, the Iolani Palace is certainly unforgettable, however, The Friends of Iolani Palace were looking for a way to reach and attract a larger audience to share in the splendor.

The Process

Working closely with The Friends of Iolani Palace, Iolani Palace staff and varying stakeholders, LNG 3D Hawaii 3D scanned 200 unique areas and captured countless exterior drone aerial photography and videography to create a 3D photospheric virtual tour of the palace.

“We are always striving to enhance the visitor experience to Iolani Palace and a 3D virtual tour was the natural next step in providing greater access,” said Kippen de Alba Chu, executive director of The Friends of Iolani Palace in a statement. “The virtual tour is not a replacement for experiencing the Palace in person, rather it gives guests an opportunity to re-live a past visit, view artifacts in more detail, or take a glimpse into what they can expect on an upcoming trip to the Palace.”

The Result

The resulting tour is now featured on the Iolani Palace website and has received numerous press attention as this is the first comprehensive 3D scan and digitization of a museum in Hawaii, and one of the first palaces in the world to have a 3D walkthrough tour available online to view by anyone, anywhere at anytime.