LA Residences

Room Scale Virtual Reality experiences are fast becoming an important tool in the architecture design world.  For California based luxury home builders KAA Design Company the responsibility to provide ever increasing, unique, custom designs is the cornerstone of their business.  They deal with exclusive high end constructions with some private homes exceeding 50,000 square feet.  When addressing clients on projects of this scale, being able to accurately visualize and showcase designs can make or break a business where attention to detail is everything.

The Goal

Their latest project for a high profile client in Beverly Hills required complex and expensive designs decisions to be made.  Naturally being able to provide a photo-realistic preview of the final design intention is a huge benefit to any designer and their clients.  LNG Studios worked closely with KAA Design to visualize the design of the property through a variety of means including Virtual Reality as it was presented to the client over a period of months.


Making the decision between materials, fixtures, finishes and other complex design options means presenting these choices in a realistic and natural manner.   But how do you know you’re making the right choice?  Virtual Reality is a great tool that lets the client literally step into the design.  In this instance, KAA Design Company in conjunction with Evens Architects first used our 3D rendering service to create traditional 2D images that represented the final design and process for various fixed vantage points around the property.  These included bespoke and custom materials, finishes and furnitures that we created by hand for the renderings.

Exploring LA Residences in VR

Our still renderings were a perfect reproduction to showcase various perspectives and the design intention around the property. But what if the client wanted to go one step further?  By converting our still render scenes into Virtual Reality Room Scale experiences for the HTC Vive our client in Los Angeles was able to physically walk through their new home.  Creating a luxurious home at this scale requires immense attention to detail and the homeowner wanted all design aspects to be perfect before committing to an enormous spend.

Our Room Scale VR experience was the ideal tool to showcase these ideas.  Not only did the design pass that test but was also an immersive way to give tactile feedback to the designer.  The client could comment on the kitchen layout, the orientation of the outdoor spaces as well as feel the grandeur of the main entrance and overall flow and atmosphere.  

Room Scale Virtual Reality is a perfect marriage for a project such as this and once again we applaud KAA Design and their client for being one of the first architectural firms of its type to undertake a project such as this for a private home and are extremely proud to be a part of it.